Click on the headings below for information on the various topics. Visit Links via Home page for lots more information about the local villages - Swalwell, High Spen, Rowland Gill, Dunston and more. Also visit the Home page to access information on our dialect, songwriters and local song CDs. Photo right - old Blaydon, with thanks to ISeeGateshead on-line archive, and, below, Jack Percy's Toy Shop in old Blaydon and the delightful preserved Path Head Water Mill.

The Blaydon Races
Canny Old Blaydon
The Keelmen
Crowley's Crew, Winlaton
Joseph Cowen (father and son)
Blaydon Burn
The Cowen Brick
The Spike - Blaydon Haughs
Memories of The Spike and Old Blaydon - two poems by Dora Kirvan
Memories by Edith Robson - The Spike, childhood and work
The Spike Castle - Turret Place
Blaydon Railway History
Scotswood/Blaydon Bridges
Summerhouse Hill aka The Summerhill
Path Head Watermill
The Lead Road
Axwell Hall - The Bad Lads School
White City
Blaydon and Winlaton 2012

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Roly Veitch
Updated 18th January 2020

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